We Make Commercial Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Commercial Acrylic Sneeze Guards Made in Phoenix, Arizona

Quality Custom Plexiglass Sneeze Guards and More. Built-to-order. Faster turnaround.

AZ Sneeze Guard Services is Phoenix’s premier volume manufacturer of quality custom clear plexiglass sneeze guards. We specialize in creating made-to-order barriers for offices, schools, stores, and any commercial space where people work or visit.

Business owners, contractors, builders and designers across Arizona have come to trust AZ Sneeze Guard Services for all their high quality plexiglass sneeze guard designs, manufacturing and installation services. We have the experience and the capabilities to deliver made-to-order, perfectly fitted protection for you and your visitors right here in Phoenix, Arizona. Since our design and manufacturing departments are all under one roof, we can guarantee quick turn around times for production and installation. Have us come out for a free quote.

Get Back to Business Arizona with AZ Sneeze Guard Services.

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Call our highly trained commercial plexiglass sneeze guard experts today to get started.

Local Services You Need

We Have the Local Sneeze Guard Services You Need

With Unmatched Local Arizona Service.

AZ Sneeze Guard provides value-add products and services with form, function, and protection.

We create more than just custom plexiglass sneeze guards that protect cashiers, we also develop safety guards made for protecting students, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, teachers, and many others. our sneeze guards create protective barriers that help AZsneezeguard.com mitigate the spread of airborne pathogens that cause illnesses such as Covid-19, Sars, and thousands of others. AZsneezeguard.com sneeze guards can be placed wherever you need them, and the height of their acrylic panels can be oversized to offer a way to maintain proper social distancing, without closing your doors.

Made in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Custom Plexiglass Services Sneeze Guards Phoenix Arizona AZ Sneeze Guard Services

Made to Order in Phoenix

We Support Arizona Businesses

Local Manufacturing and Services.

A record number of businesses need sneeze guard protective equipment in Arizona.

With total cases of COVID-19 in Arizona topping 505,000, and record new cases reported daily, businesses everywhere are scrambling to install protective equipment immediately. AZ Sneeze Guard has stepped up to fill the need. We want to help slow the spread of COVID-19, and protect our fellow Arizonans. Your safety and health is our highest concern, and we want to help you get back to business safely. Call customer service at 602-354-3452, and let us help.

High Quality Protective Barriers. Custom Made-to-Order.

Custom Acrylic Sneeze Guards Made In Phoenix Arizona AZ Sneeze Guard Services

We’re The Sneeze Guard Techies

We are the Arizona Sneeze Guard Techies

State of The Art Technology.

You need protection, and that’s what we deliver.

Our highly skilled sneeze guard techies are put through rigorous training to be sure we can deliver the best sneeze guard solutions to you locally. Our machines are specially designed for custom plexiglass manufacturing, so they are always working as hard as we are to get your custom sneeze guards produced expeditiously and accurately. We are the Arizona sneeze guard techies, and we are here to help.

Arizona hospitals, doctor’s offices, restaurants, schools and offices love us.

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